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Personal Color Analysis

What is personal seasonal color analysis?

It is based on the old 4 seasonal color system from the 80's. However today it is much more refined with 16 seasons categories.This allows for a much more accurate color analysis. Your color consultation will be done in person during daylight hours to determine your very best colors. The consultation includes a color fan which you will use when shopping for clothes, make-up, hair color and home decor.

Who is getting color consultations?

Both men and women! Jobs are getting harder to come by and the competition is high. Employers are able to pick the very best applicants, but what happens when you have 2 identical applicants? Sad to say but it might come down to the one who looks the healthiest. By wearing your best colors you will look healthier.

Also, retirees who no longer need business attire but travel attire. By finding out your best colors your clothes will naturally be coordinated. This also helps you eliminate clothes in your closet that are taking up valuable real estate. You can begin to purge the un-wanteds to made room for fun sports wear.

Brides are getting their colors done. They need to know their best white. Plus, how to purchase the right colors in clothing for their honeymoon. Advice for bridesmaid dresses is given so everyone can look good.

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